Brisbane River Catchment Flood Studies

Living with flooding is a part of life in the Brisbane River catchment. We live in a sub-tropical climate so from time to time we will experience flooding and as a community we need to be informed, ready and resilient.

No two flood events are the same, and can involve minor localised flooding due to high rainfall over a short period in an isolated area and/or major flood events across the entire floodplain due to extreme weather over an extended period.

The QRA is working with government agencies and four local councils to develop a long-term plan to manage the impact of future floods and enhance community safety and resilience in the Brisbane River floodplain. This is a key recommendation of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry

This work is being delivered in four phases:

Phase 1:  Data collection - complete

Phase 2:  Flood Study - underway

Phase 3:  Strategic Floodplain Management Plan - underway

Phase 4:  Local Floodplain Management Plans

Flood Study and Strategic Floodplain Management Plan

The Flood Study is in the final stages of development and will provide a comprehensive analysis of a range of flood events that may occur within the Brisbane River floodplain. A key benefit of the Flood Study will be an increased understanding about flood behaviour within the Brisbane River floodplain, enabling the Queensland Government and local governments to coordinate planning, preparation and response to a variety of flood events that may occur in the future.

Information from the Flood Study will be used to develop a Strategic Floodplain Management Plan that will focus on how we can prepare for and manage a range of possible flood events with greater efficiency and coordination across the Brisbane River floodplain. The management plan will focus on improving resilience and responsiveness to a variety of high rainfall events downstream of Wivenhoe Dam as well as inform future land-use planning, building controls, disaster management and the prioritisation of critical infrastructure.

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