Reconstruction Planning


Strategic Plan 2015 - Details the Authority’s strategic objectives and priorities for 2015-16.

Strategic Plan 2014 - Details the Authority’s strategic objectives and priorities for 2014-15.

Strategic Plan 2013  - Details the Authority’s strategic objectives and priorities for 2013-14.

Queensland 2013 Flood Recovery Program - Provides strategic guidance for the coordination and management of recovery, reconstruction and community resilience activities undertaken by the Queensland State government, local governments, non-government partners, industry and not-for-profit organisations following the flood and damage impacts of Tropical Cyclone Oswald (TC Oswald). 

Strategic Plan 2012 - Details the significant progress which has been achieved since the establishment of the Authority.

Operation Queenslander Update - This update to our reconstruction plan - Operation Queenslander - provides a summary of key milestones.

Environment and Reconstruction -  A summary and key case studies of works that have been done to protect Queensland’s unique environment in the wake of the natural disasters in the summer of 2010 and 2011.  

Resources For Reconstruction - The first in a series of discussion papers produced by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority to chart the magnitude of reconstruction across the State.

Pulse Report - The Pulse Report is the first in a series of updates on the progress of reconstruction works around Queensland.

Implementation Plan - sets out how the Authority, working across all levels of government, will implement the State Plan.

Local Plan - provides a guide to Local Community, Economic and Environmental Recovery and Reconstruction Planning.

State Plan - outlines Queensland's state-wide reconstruction road map.